Decorative Plaster Artisans & Mold Makers

Custom model and mold for restaurant decor.

Models & Molds

Many of our clients rely on IO to turn a vision into reality. Whether you need a sculpture replicated or one created from scratch, we can help. 

Some of our recent work includes...

Statues for Retiring Law Enforcement

Specialty Statues for Restaurants

Custom Fixtures for Wall Decorations

Replicated/Cast Historical Ornaments

Medical Simulation Castings & More

How It's Done

Step 1-Design Help

Design services available

It starts with your idea. The Inspired Ornamental team will help understand the best way to approach your project. Whether a single item or production mold we will guide the process. 

Step 2-Create Model

Custom made 5 foot boiler door for Boston restaurant

In some cases there is no existing model to cast a mold off of. In these cases our artisans will create the model. Shown here a 5 foot boiler door casting used as a decoration in a new restaurant. 

Step 3-Cast Mold

Casting mold off the model

Once the model is created the silicone cast is created. From here this is cured and a shell is created to keep the mold exactly as cast. Only then is it ready to cast.

Step 4-Cast Final

Mold is ready for material casting using a special lightweight material

With the shell on the back the mold is prepared. The correct material is chosen and the item is cast to be colored. A lightweight resin was used to cast. 

Step 5-Color

Finishing touches to add aging to the casting

The boiler door was colored to look distressed with rust color added in specific areas to add an aging look to the cast piece. 

Step 6-Delivery

Finished casting hanging at Marial Boston Nightclub

After a vision from a client to final installation the Inspired Ornamental Team worked to make the vision a reality.